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Ami Montague, LVN, LE, CLHP, Allergan Medical Institute Faculty, Owner

Ami Montague, Owner
Ami Montague has been in the anti-aging industry since 1998, when she became both a licensed nurse and an aesthetician. Since then, Ami has spent countless hours studying anatomy, learning new techniques and perfecting her injection skills—with a focus on patient safety and natural-looking results for both men and women. Her client outcomes exemplify her love of understated, effortless beauty.
Along with her 19 years of hands-on injection experience using Botox and a wide variety of fillers, Ami has also been teaching surgeons, doctors and nurses from across the country how to safely inject since 2009, when she joined the National Laser Institute of Dallas.

In 2017, Ami was invited to join an elite group of injectors who provide trainings for the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI). Her faculty position with AMI has allowed her to grow her knowledge and skills as she stays connected with her Allergan colleagues as well as the medical professionals she trains. Since teaching is a passion, Ami spends time each week texting and conversing with novice injectors seeking her expertise and advice as they build their knowledge and confidence in the field of aesthetics

In addition to her history with injectables, Ami also has a vast understanding of skincare, peels, lasers and other light and energy-based skin therapies. She began her laser career in early 2003 and taught classes on skin, hair, laser safety, and laser biophysics for the National Laser Institute for over 9 years.

As a divorced, single mom since 1993, Ami knows first-hand how to optimize aesthetic preservation, while being budget-conscious. She believes that prevention is key, but loves to work with aging clients who want a full or partial restoration and people whose genetics did not provide them with optimal facial balance.

Ami lives in Dallas, TX with her plant-babies, 2 Scottish Fold kitties and a beautiful view of the downtown skyline. She is mom to her daughter, Myriah (Rye) Williamson, the artist behind OpalMilkByRye.com and spends much of her free time with Rye and her husband, Charlie and her loving family. In her spare time, she loves to travel, garden, read, research and spends time designing, creating, crafting and cooking with artistic vigor.

*The medical director for Saltbox Apothecary is Dr. Max Adler of Max Adler Dermatology. www.adlerderm.com