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 N O    S W E A T   +   N O    A L U M I N U M   +   N O   O D O R
N O   S W E A T   M I N I
Get a mini-dose of Botox Cosmetic to dramatically decrease sweating & switch worry-free to an all-natural deodorant! Tested for effectiveness by Saltbox Apothecary. Includes a complimentary travel-sized Sodawax Aluminum-Free Deodorant. Results last between 3-6 months for most.  $550
N O   S W E A T   M A X
For those who suffer from true hyperhidrosis, excessive perspiration or seemingly unstoppable odor, this treatment utilizes a special iodine test to locate areas with hyperactive sweat glands, allowing for precise delivery of a full dose of Botox Cosmetic. Includes a complimentary travel-sized Sodawax Natural Deodorant. Results last between 6-12 months for most.  $1050

Q & A 

Q: Don’t I need to sweat? I've heard it releases toxins from my body?
A: Our bodies sweat to cool down. Although miniscule amounts of toxins such as heavy metals and BPA have been found in sweat, perspiration is made up of 99% water. The liver and kidneys have the job of removing toxins from the body. Therefore, controlling excess sweating under your arms should not negatively impact your health.
Q: How quickly does the treatment take effect?
A: Many people start noticing a difference within 5 days, with the final result at day 14.
Q: Is the treatment painful?
A: When ice is applied prior to the injections, most people can barely feel the injections.
Q: Why do my underarms smell after sweating?
A: Your apocrine sweat glands produce odorless sweat that is high in protein. Bacteria gather and break down the proteins into acids which causes an unpleasant odor to form over time. If you stop the sweat with Botox, you will prevent odor.