AquaGold Skin Infusion

AquaGold’s 24k gold needles infuse our special cocktail of the super-antioxidant Glutathione, Hyaluronic filler, and Botox into your skin during this virtually painless treatment. Expect smooth, glowing skin, tighter pores & reduced wrinkles for up to 3 months. Visible results in 1-2 weeks with no pain, no blood, & no downtime (expect transient redness on the day of treatment). Each of the 20 needles is smaller in diameter than a human hair and designed to deliver the custom cocktail deep into the dermis with each stamp (not into the muscles like a regular Botox injection). This treatment can even help rosacea and acne by reducing oil production and temporarily shrinking pore size.


Glutathione + Tox + HA Filler: $675

Glutathione + Tox: $595

Exosomes + Tox: $749

Exosomes Only: $495