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Although QWO maintains its FDA approval for safety and efficacy, Endo, the manufacturer) has decided to discontinue production.

As someone who has personally had wonderful results from the treatment, I am sad to see this medication go and remain hopeful that another company will offer it in the future.

A very small % of worldwide treatments resulted in long-term bruising that took 6 months or more to resolve. Endo cited this as a factor in their decision but it should also be noted that Endo has filed for bankruptcy due to financial demise after an opioid lawsuit.

To date, Saltbox did not have any cases of bruising/staining that persisted more than 3 months.

Treatment Information

Get your thighs, hips & buttocks swimsuit ready! Saltbox Apothecary offers specialized treatments with QWO, the first and only FDA approved injection to permanently treat cellulite dimpling in just 1-3 appointments (spaced at least 21 days apart). Up to 24 dimples can be treated per session.

Pricing varies based on the amount of dimples to be treated. 

up to 12 dimples (Level 1) $600/session

up to 24 dimples (Level 2) $750/session 

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